Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Has time stopped? 
I certainly feel like it has.
Days are dragging by and feel like weeks.
Knowing that in less than two weeks I will know if I'm pregnant feels like a lifetime away.
Why can't time speed up?

It doesn't help that I am consumed with thoughts.
Am I pregnant? Am I not?
Did I/we do something wrong?
Can I get in one more cycle with Dr. Morales before we move?
Can we afford to do IUI next cycle?
What was that feeling? 
Should I be feeling anything? Should I not be feeling anything?
How early can I test?
This is what I do all. day. long.

I teeter back and forth between being positive and being realistic.
On one hand I can't help but think of all the amazing things that 
will come along if this cycle worked.
But then I snap back to reality and tell myself not to get my hopes up.
If my mind could just shut off for a few weeks, that would be amazing.


  1. Completely normal! Those 2 ww are the worst!! Hoping this is it for you!!

  2. Nope, time is still working. You posted this on the 13th and it's already the 14th! See, one whole day is already gone!


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