Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Love It.Love It.Love It.

Should the day ever come that Travis and I get married, the likelihood of us buying a house right away is slim-to-none. That being said, we will most likely live in a lovely apartment for a while. I have lived in an apartment for several years now, and what I hate more than anything is that you cannot paint. And for me, painting makes a place feel like home. Then I discovered this lovely pieces of art. They are perfect for an apartment, nursery, or anywhere you need to add a bit of flair! I think the hardest part will be deciding which one's to buy!

~~These are from Etsy seller lewasdesigns

~~These are from Etsy seller singlestonestudios

~~These are from Etsy seller itwaddle

My Obsession

Most anyone who knows me knows that I cannot wait to have children. Seriously. I ask Travis every day if today is the day we can start having kids. Not only am I dying to have children, but I have an obsession of all things baby related. I research and know just about every baby product out on the market. I enjoy seeing what is new, what is worth the money and what is a waste. When I was a nanny it was a great experience to see what I/the kids really needed, and what was a total waste of money. Since I am acquiring a huge collection of "must haves" when Travis and I do have children, I thought I would share several of those things with everyone. It doesn't hurt that I have several friends who are pregnant. And when I say several, as of today I know 12 pregnant women, and 2 who have just given birth in the past 3 weeks. Enjoy!

I love all things Etsy!

Cutest bumbo cover of all time! Etsy seller BoutiqueSweetCheeks

Who doesn't want a custom boppy cover? Especially one that is cheaper than they sell in stores?! Etsy seller melshort9

This has to be the cutest hat EVER. Seriously. Etsy seller citefuzz

I am LUSTING after this diaper bag! I feel that $350 is completely worth every single penny!

I just think this is the cutest bouncer of all time! Not too babyish.

If you are having a girl, I saw this bedding at the Marshalls in Temecula for $59 this weekend. It normally retails for $169 at BabiesRUs. Great deal!

That is all for now! I am sure I will have plenty of more finds to share with you before Travis and I ever have kids! Congrats to all my friends out there that are having babies. I am so glad I have your kids to spoil rotten!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Football Season Can Suck It

Today is a wonderful Sunday. It is the last Sunday of football for the season, aside from the Super Bowl. I am beyond thrilled about this. Here is the thing, Travis apparently is not allowed to leave the house on Sunday's if football is on tv. This has put a cramp in my style, to say the least. 16 weeks of sitting at home; the one day a week I get to see him, is not how I envision spending my days with him. Not only do we get to spend Sundays sitting infront of the television, but it also involves him sittig with his laptop in hand, checking all the stats and scores.

Is this really what I have to look forward to for the rest of my life?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy (late) Birthday Travis

Travis turned 26 a week ago today, but I wasn't able to celebrate his birthday with him until yesterday. Travis drove up to my parents house to spend the day with me. We have a lovely afternoon hanging out and playing the most ridiculous game ever at Rubios! Seriously, it took us 20 minutes to play the game that comes with the childrens meal! There is no way any kid I know has the patience to play that game.

Anyways, after that we went to my Grandma's house for his "party"! The party consisted of Travis, Grandma, my parents, Buggy and Adam, and myself. It was, of course, a cowboy themed party. We had cowboy boots and hats streamers, balloons, wild west plates and tablecloth, and everyone had to wear a sheriff's badge. My mom made Travis his favorite enchiladas. And for dessert, since he hates cake, he had some rainbow shebret ice cream with a candle in it!

I would like to think Travis had a fabulous birthday! I have decided to give him the gift of me not bitching at him any longer. I tend to nag him, quite often. I have recently realized the affects of my constant nagging, and I realized that it really just doesn't do us any good, individually or as a couple. Hopefully this will be the best gift I have ever given him.

I love you so much Travis and I hope you had a wonderful birthday! I am looking foward to many more birthday's to come!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas 2008

My Christmas recap is slightly late, but really, who cares?! Christmas this year was overall pretty good. It was a strange Christmas, as this was our first Christmas since my Grandpa has passed away. There was an overwhelming feeling of akwardness in the absense of his presence. Christmas just didn't feel right without him there.

Grandma & Mr. Jones

I don't know exactly why, but Christmas just didn't feel like Christmas this year. It felt like just another day of getting together with my family. My cousin Kim and her hubby Mario drove out with Kayla from Arizona for the day. It was nice to see them, especially Kayla since I haven't seen her in 5 months. Last time I saw her she couldn't even stand, and now you can't stop her from running all over the house.

Miss Kayla

My cousin Bryan and his fiance Meghan were there. It was nice to hear about their wedding plans. Our friends Jessika and Kayleigh also come over, and it was really nice to have them there. They pretty much are family, and it just felt natural that they were there.

Jessika & Kayleigh

I am happy to say that Christmas is over. This year created quite a bit of stress in my relationship with Travis, as I was pretty upset he was gone. I am looking forward to next Christmas!By next Christmas Buggy & Adam will be married, Bryan & Meghan will be married, and Kim & Mario will have welcomed their second daughter! Hopefully I have something big happen this year too! Who knows, maybe I will have to wait and 2010 will be my year!!

My Dad

My Lovely Sis'
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