Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Thank you for the sweet comments and encouragement! It's nice to know there are a few people still reading. I wanted to get my protocol written down so if need be, I can refer to it again at some point. I also think it's fascinating to see how different everyone's protocol is.

04/12 - 04/27 Birth Control
04/12 - 04/27  Baby Asprin
04/24 - 05-11  Lupron
04/24 - 05/11 Dexamethasone
05/05 - 05/10  Follistim
05/05 -  05/11 Lovenox
05/05 - 05/11 Folic Acid
05/07 - 05/10 Menopur
05/08 Intralipid Infusion

As of right now, I'm feeling pretty good. Lupron has brought on lots of hot flashes, which are always fun. You could also say I am slightly emotional these days.I was not prepared for the extreme exhaustion I would be feeling. I cannot get enough sleep at night, and I could go for at least 2 naps a day. I'm ready to have some energy back.

Tomorrow I go in for a baseline ultrasound and blood work. Hoping everything is normal and we are ready to go.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Start of Something New

Hello! It's been a while, hasn't it? My how life has changed since my last post. To quickly sum up the last 16 months we moved to Nevada (never saw that coming), supported my sister during the birth of my first niece, and added another amazing dog to our family. And we are still on our journey to creating our family.

When I last blogged we had announced we had made the decision to adopt. We spent almost a year meeting with adoption agencies, fundraising money, and trying to to find the right agency for us. Just when we thought we had found the right agency, T was presented with a job opportunity in Nevada. We felt it was in the best interest of our family and his career to take the opportunity. We moved and quickly realized we could not use the agency we had intended back in CA because of some of the laws here. So we started looking for agencies here. Needless to say, it's beyond slim pickings. We either met with the agency and knew it wasn't right or we simply could not afford the agencies fee's. I started looking at fertility clinics here and quickly came across one that caught my eye.

I called to make an appointment to meet with the Dr, and was informed his next available consultation was 4 months away. I snatched up the appointment. We got lucky and received a call 2 months later informing us he had a cancellation and would we like the appointment. Hell yes we did. We met with him, and instantly felt this was where we were supposed to be. He spent an hour with us on our first visit, going over all our history and previous attempts at pregnancy. He gave us his personal cell phone number and told us to call him if we ever needed anything. We left feeling on top of the world, and that this was the reason the opportunity to move here came about. Because believe me, moving to Nevada was NEVER on our radar.

All this to say, our first IVF cycle is starting soon. Very soon. I start Lupron tomorrow morning! I am excited. I have such a sense of peace and calm right now. Two things I have never felt during our previous cycles. I truly feel we are where we were supposed to be all along. Looking back, things have (or haven't) worked out because if it had it probably would have never led us here.

The reason for my sudden return to the blog is because I want to document this journey. Even if nobody is reading this, I want to have it all here to look at and remember all the details of this new adventure.
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