Thursday, July 7, 2011

The 4th

This year we spent the 4th of July with my family.
It was my last real holiday with them for a while. 
It was a rather emotional day for me.
We went to my parent's friends house to bbq and hang out.
They have a lovely backyard overlooking a golf course. 
And from the deck of their house we could watch the fireworks in the distance.
We had a great time eating, drinking, talking, and drinking some more.
Oh, and did I mention I fell in the pool....fully clothed.
Only an idiot like me!
Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of it, but I heard I looked extra graceful!

RayMan making burgers

Stuffed tomatoes...delish

My first tastes better than it looks.

Callie, the sweetest dog ever

My dad's new Jager pour spout, he was pretty excited about it.

Shot's of Jager are mandatory on holidays

Mom & Gram's

See those floats, I was attempting to sit on one when I fell in the pool.

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  1. hahahahahah i would have seriously paid money to see you fall in the pool!


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