Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My weekly bunch of randoms. 

* Travis and I were off together yesterday and discovered the most 
amazing furniture store. It's where all the local designers go, but it's open to the public.
I about died when we walked in. There was not a single piece in the entire store 
I didn't want to take home with us. Rarely do I find pieces I love, but I wasn't 
able to find a piece I didn't like! Now, I just need a house and enormous raise for all my finds.

* I adore the Aveda store. Like, I could spend hours in there.
I went in last week to check out some stuff and found these two items.
I now cannot live without either.
The first is a balancing body mist. It's supposed to balance your chakra's.
This stuff smells incredible. It has essential oils that are great for de-stressing.
The second pic is blue oil. You rub it on the back of your neck or wrists
and take some nice deep breaths. I have been using this bad boy a lot. 
It really does help calm me down. And it tingles on the back of your neck.
I love them both. I highly recommend both! 

* The weather is getting hot here in Dallas. I'm not loving it. 
I do enjoy the warm evenings and the sun not setting until 8:30,
but other than that, I can really do without the 90 degree days. 

* The Mexican food here in Texas sucks. Anyone who tries to tell you differently
is full of crap. We did find one place super close to us that is good. Not great,
but good. The best part is I can modify something they make to create a California burrito. 
These bad boys are my weakness. I crave them.
The servers all think I am insane every time I order it, but I don't care! 

And for those that don't know what a California burrito is:
carne asada, cheese, pico de gallo and french fries.
aka heaven in a tortilla

* We just got this bag in at my job last week.
I immediately picked it up and started carrying it around. I'm dying to buy it.
It's technically a diaper bag, but I want it for a purse. 
I'm sure it makes an awesome diaper bag as it has about 1 billion pockets.
The inside is bright red.
Maybe it will makes it way to me for my birthday! 

Hope y'all have a great week!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Weekly Randoms

* We are really bad around here and eat out all the time. 
But I'm trying to get better about cooking dinners.
This was on the menu Tuesday night.
It was so damn good. And so damn easy.
Sauteed chicken breast, homemade pico de gallo and sliced avocado. 

* In August we are taking my first trip down to Austin for a weekend. 
I have never been and I'm pretty excited. 
Especially because the main reason for the trip is for a little photo shoot I booked
with the amazingly talented Lyndsay at Life In Motion photography.
She had posted on Facebook the other day she only had 2 spots left for
a love light session, and after that she would be taking at least a year off. 
I have always wanted to have a session with her. 
I knew this was our chance. 
It's booked.
 Now I need to find a fantastic outfit! 

* Since we are taking some time off of infertility treatments I'm really working
on controlling my stress and anxiety. 
This week I bought some Clary Sage essential oil. 
It's supposed to be good for depression, anxiety and uterine health.
I figured I have nothing to lose, might as well give it a try. 
I also treated myself to a massage yesterday.
It was one of the best massages I have ever had. 
I love a good massage. LOVE.

* This is super random, but the birds here in Texas are flippin' insane.
I swear to you. I have never seen such lazy, psycho birds in my whole life.
I cannot tell you how many birds I have seen run over because 
they refuse to get out of the way as cars are on the road.
I see at least 2-3 a day. 
Let's also include the number of birds that straight up dive bomb my windows.
Freaks me the heck out. 

* I've had a few people comment about how my job sounds like so much fun.
Don't get me wrong, it certainly has it's fun moments, but on the
weekdays when we are slow most my time is spent dealing with customer issues
and dusting all the furniture. And we have A LOT of furniture. 
I often hang my head in shame that my college degree 
got me a job dusting furniture. Good times.

* We are getting rid of cable in a few weeks,
and I'm most excited because I won't have to watch endless hours of golf! 

* I really, really miss this. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012


* I first have to say thank you all for the kind comments and emails I have received. 
I really do appreciate each and every one. 
What is sad is that so many of you know the exact pain we are feeling. 
I just hate that.

* Travis was in our room making business calls tonight,
I walked in to find him like this.
This is how we do business around our house.


* We were planning on heading out to California at the beginning of June to visit my family.
Travis put in a request for vacation time at work, and when he went to finalize it 
yesterday discovered his GM have himself that time off. In the past 24 hours we have
had to completely re-schedule everything. It's been chaos!
But, it's all done now and our trip is booked. 
* I got a little package in the mail today from Erin Condren.
I have to say, I just adore her stuff.
But good heavens is it expensive. And I'm not 100% certain it's totally worth the price.
Hopefully the new planners for next year will have the month tabs laminated.
* Sunday night we went out to dinner with some new friends we've made.
It was so nice to get out with another couple.
The last time we went out with another couple was almost a year ago with
Kim and Keith and the girls. 
It is so nice to have friends Travis and I are both get along with and
can go out and talk for hours and enjoy their company.
Coincidentally, our new friends also used our infertility Dr,
and they are currently 20 weeks pregnant, and we are just thrilled for them.
And they are moving close to us in the next few weeks! We can't wait. 

* We are taking this month off from trying to get pregnant.
It was a bit of a last minute decision.
I don't handle stress very well, and I know how big of an impact it can take on my body.
Well, this past week I've been insanely overwhelmed.
Yesterday I made Travis drive me to CVS so I could test my blood pressure because
I was sure I was on the verge of a heart attack.
I'm taking this month to work on managing my stress and eliminating
as many extra stress factors as I can.

* I posted this a while ago on Instagram, but never here.
In case you need an idea of just how bad my baby shopping addiction is,
here is the proof.

* We stopped by Best Buy a week ago and I discovered this nice giant tv.
Aside from in real life, this is the only way to see Justin Timberlake.
This picture does not do the size of the tv justice. 
Let's just say Travis had to drag me out of Best Buy because I did not want to leave.

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