Wednesday, May 20, 2015

IVF Update

Obviously I suck at keeping my blog updated! We are roughly have way through our first IVF cycle, and I'm still in denial this is actually happening. I see the bruises and certainly feel the PIO shots, but it's still hasn't completely sunk in.

Let me recap the last week. I ended up doing stims for 9 days. My body has always been slow at responding, so I wasn't surprised I ended up on stims for a few days longer.

Thursday, May 14th we got the go ahead to stop stims, and that I would be triggering that night. I was so excited! The trigger shot SUCKED. In the past I used Ovidrel for my trigger shots, but our current Dr. doesn't like it. This time I used Novarel. The extra fun part was that since it's an intramuscular injection my Dr. prefers for you to do it in your upper arm. It's super awesome fun.

Saturday, May 16th we went in for our egg retrieval! WOOHOO! We got there at 9am, went back and started signing paper work and my IV got going. Our nurse was amazing. I love her and want to be BFF's with her. She also works as a labor & delivery nurse and we hit it off talking about home birth and all sorts of fun things. Travis probably wanted to run at this point. Around 10am they took me back and the good meds started flowing. When I woke up my first question (or so I thought) was "how many did we get"? Travis said the Dr. hadn't come in yet, but literally 30 seconds later he pulled back the curtain. He told us everything went great and he got 11 mature eggs and 2 more he thought would mature in time. I was thrilled. After he left I asked Travis if I was saying inappropriate things again upon coming out of anesthesia, and he confirmed that I did. Oops! Apparently I just asked them to use different sperm, of someone talk, dark and handsome. It was the anesthesia talking!!

After the retrieval we went home, I ate a huge lunch as I was starving and then slept most of the day. I had plenty of cramping and just overall soreness. The heating pad did not leave my side, hell, it still hasn't five days later. PIO shots started this evening. I've never had to do PIO shots before, and I was dreading it as I've heard the horror stories. I had Travis do the first shot, and it wasn't as terrible as I had imagined. The shot itself isn't bad, it's the knots in your back after that suck. Hence the heating pad still being part of my nightly routine.

Sunday, May 17th we got a fertilization update. One of the eggs did not mature, so going into fertilization we had 12 eggs. Of the 12, all 12 fertilized! That was a huge relief and so exciting to hear.

Tuesday, May 18th we got our next "update" phone call. They didn't call until 5:45pm and I was freaking out. We ended up losing one embryo after fertilization. As of yesterday morning the report showed the following:

(1) 4 cell embryo (1) 5 cell embryo (1) 6 cell embryo (3) 7 cell embryos (3) 8 cell embryos (1) 9 cell embryo (1) 10 cell embryo.

They told me 2 were rated good, 7 were rated okay, and 2 were rated poor. Hoping the okay one's perk up and move into the good rating.

Providing our embryo's continue to develop, my embryo transfer will be tomorrow morning.

Praying we have 2 embryo's to transfer, and if we had some to freeze I will be over the moon.

I will keep you updated on tomorrow's progress.

Thanks for all the love and support.
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