Friday, July 29, 2011

Fourteen Days

I leave for Texas in 14 days.
14. DAYS.
I'm freaking out. 
I have 1 box packed. Look at me, the overachiever!
The whole point of this trip is for me to try to find a job.
My resume isn't finished.
I have yet to apply to a single job. 
 I certainly don't have any interview's scheduled.
Guess I will be spending 10 days driving around getting to know the area.
And my in-laws.

Did I mention I am staying with them for 8 days?
Mmhmm, I'm staying at their house while my hubs is enjoying our apartment in SD all to himself.
Maybe I should add I have spent maybe a total of 2 hours alone with them.
This should be interesting. 

Looks like I will be smuggling wine in my room. 
(They aren't cool with drinking. Clearly these are not my parents!)
I am very grateful they are letting me stay there, and they even bought my plane ticket home 
the following week, which was beyond nice of them.
But, it's still going to be weird. 

Pray for me people!


  1. It's crazy to see it spelled out like that. 14 days is nothing! Ack!!! Do we need a trip to the Outlets next week to buy you a flask? ;)

  2. Ouch- I am sorry! Definitely sneak some booze in with you. Good luck. Hugs.


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