Sunday, July 24, 2011

Round Two

Sure enough, we are moving on to round two.
Our Clomid/T.I. cycle did not end in a pregnancy.
I did ovulate, which is good though. 

This cycle we are trying Clomid and our first IUI cycle.
I'm a little nervous.
Not about the actual procedure, but about whether or not it will work.
I am under A LOT of stress right now, and I'm worried about how it's affecting my body.
Between the stress of moving (in 3 short weeks), not having a job, leaving my family 
and the stress of this cycle working, I can't imagine it not affecting my body.
I am trying my best to stay calm.
I really would LOVE for this cycle to work. 
Not just because I want to have a child and be pregnant, 
but I would love to be able to tell my parents face to face, not over the phone. 
It may seem lame, but I want to be there when I can finally announce the news.

I started my Clomid last night, and holy shiz, I can already tell the increased dose 
is making me a little "on edge" shall we say.
Travis says I'm never allowed to take it again. hahaha
We will see about that!
 Hopefully I won't have to take it again, but I learned my lesson of wishing for that last month. 

I'm very hopeful that this cycle works, but I'm going to try not to get my hopes up as much as last month.

 I tried not getting my hopes up last month, but I couldn't help it.
It was our first month having an actual chance.
Hopefully the next month will fly by and have a BFP waiting for me at the end!

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  1. I hope it is the last time you have to take Clomid. IUIs were so much easier than I anticipated so don't let that worry you. Think of all the fun things that may come your way!! Good luck!


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