Monday, May 2, 2011


I have always been a "planner".
I feel lost without some sort of plan.
Even if the plan changes 100 times, having one 
makes me feel like I have some control of the situation.

Today was our big set of plans day.
Plans as to how we are going to go about getting pregnant.
Our appointment went really well.
It helps that I really like our RE.

All our test results came back.
Travis check out great.
As for me, my thyroid is still a problem 
and she confirmed the PCOS diagnosis.

We were basically given all our options and told we could chose where we wanted to start.
So, we will be starting with Clomid and timed sex.
If I don't ovulate on Clomid I will move on to injectables.
If I do ovulate on Clomid but don't get pregnant we will move on
to Clomid and IUI.
If those don't work, I don't want to think about it right now.

I was excited thinking I might be able to start the Clomid soon
as I should be starting my next cycle in the coming weeks.
But I cannot as my TSH is too high
and it needs to be under control before I can go forward.
Hopefully I can get it under control this month 
and we can start the Clomid in late June, early July.

I am really excited to finally have a plan.
I'm nervous Clomid won't work,
but I need to just have faith things will work out according to God's plan.
So there is the plan.
Stay tuned to see how it works!

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  1. God just wanted to make sure we could have some drinks together at Tim next month before you got pregnant. ;)

    Plans are good. And good plans are even better. I am so full of hope for you, and so excited sitting here imagining all of our playdates together down the road.



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