Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Party Time

As of 11:59pm last night
I am officially done with school.


I am thrilled. 
Thrilled to have my life back. 
Not having to spend my weekends working on homework.
Having time to spend with Travis.
And enjoying life. 

I'm trying not to think about the huge
student loan bills that will be rolling in any day now. 
Especially considering I really don't have any intention of 
using my degree in my major. 

But I am done. 

Except for the fact that now I am strongly considering 
going to "school" to become a doula.
(That's a whole other blog post)
And I have a feeling I would enjoy this school much more.

But here is to enjoying the next weeks and months
with no worries about papers, projects and team assignments!

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