Monday, May 9, 2011


This post is a random mash up of thoughts.

1. The host and judge's on these "Little Miss Perfect" pageant's are creeps.
You can quote me on that. 

2. A onesie is not an outfit. Your child is probably embarrassed you are parading him
around town in a onesie and socks & shoes.
You couldn't spring for pants?
Would you want to walk around in a bodysuit and shoes?
I think not.
Neither does your kid.

3. I went stand up paddleboarding this weekend and it was awesome.
I seriously had so much fun.
Don't get me wrong, I ate crap a few times.
But I can't wait to go back and take someone who has never been so I look like a pro.

4. I'm heading to Palm Springs for a few days at the end of the month
and I am literally counting down the days.
The sun, pool, heat, food, family and lot's of cocktails is my recipe for the perfect weekend.

5. I really wish nice fabric wasn't so expensive.
It kills me to spend $15+ for one single yard.
My wallet is thankful I am too cheap to spend that kind of money.
My fabric stash however hates me.

6. I'm jones-ing to throw a party.
Any kind of party.
I just need something to plan and a reason to get creative.

7. Why is the name Brayden/Braden/Braydon 
the most popular name right now? 
I do not why everyone is going banana's and naming their son's this. 

8. Please tell me I am not the only person who reads blogs 
because the blogger is a complete train wreck and you can't stop reading.
It's like crack. I am completely addicted.
I have to keep reading to see what craziness the person is up to next.
Hopefully, I am not that blogger for you! 


  1. We might be in PS that weekend, too. If so, we should meet up sans kids at Armandos. ;)

    Ditto #7.

  2. um It is to and outfit! I want to go paddelboarding. I have never been. Walmart has killer fabric! lol. You can throw a birthday party for us. oh wait... i live here. DAMIT!!!! no. 7 its a dumb name, dont ever name your kid that. 8. I love your blog and I don't know whos else to read yours is aweosome! and thats it. loveyou.

  3. omfg - I am totally with you on #7. I hate that name.


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