Saturday, May 21, 2011

Taking The Plunge

Since Travis and I started talking marriage 4 years ago
we always talked about the possibility of moving to Texas.
He grew up there and loves every single thing about it.
I have gone to visit his family over the years,
and I was shocked when I realized I really loved it too.
Last summer we went out to visit his family and check out some houses
to see what was in our price range and whether or not this was for us.
We found our dream starter home.
The perfect floorplan, square footage and it was on a golf course.
Literally, our backyard would have overlooked the 3rd hole.
On the flight home I lost it and realized I couldn't leave my family.
So, we decided to stay here.

Then as months passed we talked about Travis' long term goals at work
and he expressed that we ultimately wanted to work at the corporate level.
It just happens to be based in Dallas.
He started applying for a few jobs, but the fact that we live in California was hurting his chances.
So, the talks began again.
I realized that as much as I love and adore my family,
the only way Travis and I would be able to have the lifestyle we longed for, 
was to move out of California.
(*by lifestyle I mean, for me to be a SAHM, when we have kids, not "drive a Range and wear expensive jewelry" lifestyle)
It hit me then and there that I had to do what we thought was best for our family.
Or at least give it a try.

All that to say,
we are moving to Texas...
 in 10ish weeks.
We are so very excited.
I cannot wait to see what this new chapter in our life has in store for us. 
I am looking forward to getting to explore everything Texas has to offer. 

My biggest concern with the move is finding a job.
I don't intend on nannying once we move out there.
Mainly because, I work for such an incredible family right now
and I don't think I will find anything close to that ever again. 
Not only that, but I did graduate a few months ago and I would like to try 
and put my degree to use, even if only for a short while. 
I know we are in a horrible economy, and jobs are few and far between.
I am terrified I won't be able to find a job when we get out there.
And not working is not an option.

We are planning to rent the first year we are there and use the difference in rent
from what we were spending here to pay down our debt.
The "plan" is to purchase a house after the first year. 
We will see how that goes.
Everything else I seem to plan sends me for a loop, so we will just say we "hope" to buy a house! 

We have ten weeks left, and so much to do.
Not only finding an apartment, packing, and finding me a job,
but a trip to Palm Springs, Tim Mcgraw concert, my birthday,
 a baby shower my sister and I are throwing, a going away party
and flying to Texas to do some apartment shopping. 
Oh, and spending as much time as possible with family and friends.
It is going to be a busy 2 months.


  1. It's all coming together! You will have a busy couple months. Let me know what I can do to help! I am as type-A as they come so put me to good use! =)

  2. I am excited to follow your jourey to Texas! I never thought I would love this state as much as I do!

    Praying for an easy move and quick adjustment!!


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