Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Need An Explanation

I need someone to explain something to me.
Between blogs and tv shows 
(Pregnant in Heels, Bringing Home Baby, Teen Mom, Baby Story)
I keep hearing pregnant couples say they don't want the baby 
to "change our social life or lifestyle".

Why on earth are you having a baby?

A child is going to drastically change your life. 
Especially your social life.
If you don't want to give up going out every night and partying,
or getting together with friends 5 nights a week,
why did you get pregnant?

I have a few "friends" on facebook,
and weekend after weekend new pictures are posted of them.
I would swear these people are 18 years old, 
out partying all the weekend long.
You would never guess they have kids at home. 

I don't think parents need to abandon their life, but things are going to change!
Maybe I'm missing something. 
I just can't imagine having a child and honestly thinking life is going to stay the same.

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