Monday, April 4, 2011

A Love Story

It all began four years ago.
I was shopping with a friend who was a few months from having her daughter
and we were in a boutique baby store.
That was when I saw the most amazing (diaper) bag I had ever laid eyes on.
It was so unique and simply stunning.
I checked the price tag and about had a heart attack.
Way too much for my budget.
But it was love at first sight.
I knew one day I would own one.
Over the past four years I have stalked these bags.

Deep down I knew I would never own a brand new one.
Like I said, they were pricey bags, and I just couldn't ever justify spending that money
on the most gorgeous bag I had ever seen.
I stalked Craigslist hoping to one day find the bag at an incredible price.
One time I found one, but by the time I emailed the seller it was gone.

Given our recent "challenges" getting pregnant 
I put the hunt for the bag on hold. 
I figured I had other things to focus on. 

Then about 6 weeks ago a preview of the new line came out.
Love was an understatement.
There was a new style.
And a new color combination. 
Grey and pink.
My love intensified.

Rewind to this past Friday. 
My friend/boss hands me a gift bag for my graduation.
I almost shit my pants when I saw what was inside. 
The best present I have ever received.
A brand spankin' new Petunia Picklebottom Cake Hampton Holdall diaper bag. 
It's even better than I dreamed it would be! 
Excuse me while I go stare at it. 


  1. I am SO glad you like it! :)

  2. OMG you have a KILLER BOSS!!! and UMMM thats way cuter than the ones we saw 4 years ago. ahhh SIGH... Love you friend.


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