Monday, March 28, 2011

Misc. Monday

1. Why Bother Going Elsewhere
This weekend I had to tackle the obstacle of finding a dress for my graduation next weekend.
I hate clothes shopping.  I must have tried on at least 30 dresses in the past 3 days. I went everywhere, from Marshalls to Nordstroms. 
Guess where I found a dress, my good ol' best friend Target. 
On the clearance rack.
For $7.48
And it fits perfectly, and is super comfortable.
Why do I ever doubt Target?

2. Me Time
I hate spending money on myself, hence the dress for $7.48! 
But I have worked hard to finally graduate, so I'm spoiling myself with a fancy 
manicure and pedicure this week. 
I cannot wait.
And thank you Groupon for the deal.

3. Obsessed
I am beyond obsessed with Pinterest. If you aren't on it, get on it!
It is so addicting. I can easily spend hours on there.
It just makes me want a house that much more,
so I have my own space to create all the fun things I found from Pinterest. 

4. Daily Headache
We live in a tiny apartment, with no washer or dryer. 
It is terrible.
Had we moved into a unit with a set it would have been an extra $200 a month, plus we would have either had to rent a set for $30 a month or buy our own. 
I'm not going to lie, I can't help but wonder if the extra $2,700+ would have been worth it?
Here's my advice, never rent a place without a washer and dryer.
(I would lurve to have this Electrolux set...In my dreams)


  1. I love Target! And your me time is much deserved! Im off to check out Pinterest--everyone has been talking about it lately!

  2. Seriously FRIEND, Why ever doubt Target!!! Its AMAZING! I'm so excited for you and proud of you. Congrats graduate. Now only if you had those big glasses to accept that diploma in!!


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