Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Packing, Packing, Packing

Oh my word, I hate packing.
I started before I left for my week long trip to Texas,
and there was plenty left waiting for me when I returned.
Seriously, packing and moving is a nightmare.

In the midst of packing all our crap,
I realized just how much stuff I have.
More like, just how much baby stuff I have.
I have talked before about how if I see things for a great deal, I'm just going to buy it.
I certainly never thought I would "storing" things this long and not getting to put them to use.
But I've already gone on and one about that. 

So I thought it would be funny to show you all just how crazy I am,
and how much stuff I already have.
This should be a good laugh for all of you!
Oh, and this doesn't include the 20 gallon tub of clothing I have. God help me. 
Hotsling's Sling..$10 brand new @ Target

Jack Purcell's...$9 at Converse Outlet

Miracle Blanket..I think I paid around $8 brand spankin' new

Swaddle Design's Blanket...$4 at Babies R Us.

Boppy..Kim gave it to me!

Svan Bouncer...$15 at second hand kid's store..I plan on buying a new bouncer fabric set

Kissaluv's Cloth Diapers, I think I paid around $20 for 7

LilyPad..I won this on a giveaway!

My absolute favorite and the best gift I have ever received (aside from my engagement ring)

So there you have it. 
I'm not going to lie, there is lot's more I left off.
I couldn't let you see how insane I really am!

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