Monday, August 22, 2011

Going, Going Back to Back to Cali, Cali

Tomorrow I get to go back to California!
At least for about ten days.
Then comes the day I am dreading, moving day.
We officially leave September 1st
But I don't want to think about that right now.

These next nine days I am going to try to cherish every moment.
The last time I will get to see many friends for a while.
The last time I will get to see the girls until their 2nd birthday.
And the last time I get to see my family.
Typing that is like a dagger in my heart. 
 This weekend is our going away party.
I just want to enjoy it.
Enjoy the time with loved one's.
And spend our last few days with the people we love the most. 

This next week is going to be filled with so many tears.
But I'm going to try to remember the good times.
And start planning our move back to Cali!

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