Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bored. As. Hell

Early this morning my dad and I left for Texas.
We are heading out there so my car is there, and so I can look for a job & apartment.
I knew this drive was going to be long, like 1300+ miles,
but I was not prepared for just how damn boring the drive is.
Holy shiz.
Watching paint dry might be just as entertaining. 
These pictures are from places all along the 11 hour drive...
notice how the scenery doesn't change much.

I was going to run to Target last night to grab some magazines and a book,
but we ran out of time before they were going to close. 
I MUST get magazines for tomorrow's part of the trip.

Tonight we stopped in El Paso, Texas.
Good heavens, this place is a shit hole. 
Sorry if you happen to live here or like it,
but it's a far cry from the streets of So Cal that I am accustom to!
I know DFW isn't going to be the same as San Diego, 
and that's perfectly fine with me, I'm looking forward to the change.
But El Paso, this place is just crap.
I told Travis had I seen this before every going to DFW, there is no way in hell
I would have never, ever considered moving to Texas.

Thank the good Lord we will be out of here in less than 12 hours!


  1. Have you been to Dallas before? Living in Oklahoma, it's like the big time for me, but I think it's pretty great! :)

  2. I know exactly how you feel regarding how boring of a drive it is. I used to live in Houston and at least once a year would drive from Houston to Coloardo to visit family. It is a very boring and long drive.

  3. Damn, and I thought sacramento was a shit hole! Good luck friend. Have FUN!!! love you.

  4. I've done that drive through Texas and yeah, I hear ya. It is a bunch of nothing dipped in creamy nothing with a sprinkle of 'where the hell are we?"

    I just moved out of SD to the Midwest (Missouri) - I'm still in adjustment mode...


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