Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Thank You Craigslist

I have been hesitant to post this because I can see the eye's rolling upon reading this post. But then I decided I don't care, I'm in love and I'm sharing it with you!

Saturday afternoon I was cruising craigslist which is always a bad idea for me. I tend to always go to the baby/kid section first, just to see if there is ever a good deal. Well today was my lucky day. Let's back it up a minute, I have been obsessed with baby crap forever, more specifically strollers. I don't know what it is but I just love a good stroller. Not only do I love a good stroller, but I love a beautiful pram. I have always thought that prams were just the coolest stollers and they are just so classic and unique.

Fast forward to yesterday when I saw a tutorial that someone had done where they redid a moses basket, and it was adorable. So I started searching craigslist for a cheap bassinet so I could re-do it. One of the ad's that came up was for a unique, european pram I had to check it out. And there it was, in all her (my favorite color) and a price I could afford. I immedietly sent the seller an email asking if it was still available, she responsded, it was. I had an internal conflict for a few minutes; do I buy it? Did I really need it? Did I only like it because of the price? Was I just crazy? So, I called my sister who always tells me the truth saw the ad and told me I had to buy it. So I called the seller and told her I had to have it, and five minutes later I was out the front door on my way. Without further ado, here is the newest member of our family, in all her glory!(please ignore the horrible picture quality, I will take better pictures once the sun comes out to play!)

For the time being she will be going to my parents house to hang out. That way my sister can use her for photo's, and let's be honest, there just isn't any room in our place. My mom is THRILLED to have this at her house. (Have I ever mentioned my parents already have a crib for their future Grandchildren. Now, they they didn't buy it but when friends offered it to them my dad said no, my mom however immedietly called back and said YES!) Hopefully by next year at this time there will be a little one getting pushed around the neighborhood in their lovely pram!


  1. How cool that you bought a PRAM!!!

    It would be GREAT for photos! Maybe you couldlend it to a photographer in exchane for photos of you and your husband :)

    I came to your blog from Oops Craft My Pants. You commeneted about a 1950's housewife guide that your friend found online.

    I would LOVE to read it!
    And, if it's on google books or something, I might want to link to it on my website. If you get a moment, would you be willing to ask your friend to send me the link?


    brandy at the prudent homemaker dot com


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