Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Great Saturday

Today ended up being a wonderful day! Travis was originally supposed to have the day off but another manager got fired, so he had to end up working. I had plans to get up at 7am and go garage sale-ing, but when my alarm went off I decided sleeping sounded better. I had planned on painting our coffee table once Travis went to work so it would be a surprise once he got home, but I accidentally sent the text message explaining my secret plans to him instead of my sister. Oops! I also got some cute coasters sewn and some pictures framed and hung on the walls. It was a productive day.

I am thrilled with how the coffee table turned out. I originally wanted to paint it a shade of green, but I'm glad I ended up painting it red. I still need to distress it...but for the moment it will work just fine! Plus it adds some color to our place, which it really needed. Plus it was a deal, I bought the table for $15 and spent $10 on supplies, so it cost me $25 total!
(Please ignore the fabric under the legs, since we rent I had to make sure the legs were not still wet and got red paint on the floor!)



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