Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Monday

It's Miscellaneous Monday again! Here are my random tidbits for the week.

1) I applied for a nanny job today, I'm praying I get a call back.

2) I am SO ready to get out of California. I'm praying things start falling into place for us to move come October.

3) We are starting to put together a monthly budget, and I firmly believe that Target should be it's own category. Food, Rent, Utilities, Target, Entertainment...

4) I need some inspiration for a headboard for our room. I want to diy an upholstered one, but since we have a "busy" print on our bed, I don't now if I should do a solid color or a different print? HELP!

5) I need to make some friends here in San Diego. I spent far too much time alone, and I LOSING. MY. MIND.


  1. i love all your random!!! thanks for joining! i hope the nanny job works out for you! i'm from cali and would die to move back home... i almost gasped when you said you're ready to leave! ha! : ) i wholeheartedly agree with #3... target needs its own category. i think target always ruins our budget. have a great week!

  2. I'm your friend, I wish I lived closer, you could totally be my nanny and we could sew and go to target and have lunch, and play and, and... oh the possibilities are endless.


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