Thursday, April 26, 2012

Weekly Randoms

1. I have a huge bruise on my stomach from my trigger injection last week.
It's been 8 days and that beast is still there.
It doesn't hurt but goodness it's ugly. 

2. Travis and I started attending a home group bible study on Thursday nights.
We are both loving it.
It's great to be around other couples and have that time of fellowship.
I wish we had done this a long time ago. 

3. I'm over work right now. 
It's dead. I mean DEAD.
And lately most our customers are assholes.
Rude, entitled assholes. 
If you order furniture from me and I tell you it's going to be 8-10 
weeks for the MANUFACTURER to send it to us, 
it's not my fault it isn't here yet. Back off and shut up. 
And the next person to sigh 100 times while I'm installing their car seat
sweating my ass off because they don't know how to
can figure it out on their own. Learn to read the instruction manual next time. 

4. On that note, the number of people who tell me they did read the 
instruction manual on car seat installation yet then I check it and it is 
completely wrong would be 1 out of every 1. 
It's not that hard.
Yet 99.9 % of the seats I see are not installed correctly.

 5. I'm watching Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis. 
In my dreams he would come in and design and decorate my entire home. 

6. If there were a Olympic sport for getting amazing deals at Gap,
Kim would take home the gold, and I would be right behind with the silver. 
She trained me well. 
I walked out tonight with 8 items, including a ruffled bathing suit and a pair of jeans
and only spent $35! I should maybe mention these are baby clothes,
but it's still an incredible deal.  


  1. Hi Jenn, I'm a new follower and wanted to tell you that I think you have a great sense of humor. This post made me laugh (bc Im in retail and I know these types of customers). Have a fabulous week!

    p.s. (I'm guilty of buying baby clothes too...have no kids yet)

  2. hey now... my car seat was not that off--- was it?!?!

    I know those customers well and there are many a times that I just want to flick them off and tell them to go 'you know where'! It is hard when they just dont get it! I mean really, how hard it is to count out 8 weeks?

    I hope your bruise goes away. You can head to sprouts and get some arnica gel to help. Arnica can be taken any time there is trama and also applied in a cream if it is external like a bruise.

    Hope you are doing well!


  3. Hey lady! Just wanted to say I hope the 2WW is going ok...and I'm thinking of you!

  4. You should be a comedian, Your fing hilarious! I could totally see your face at your customers... AHHHHHA.

  5. OH and PS. I still buy freaking baby clothes, and Im not even having any more! Its an addiction, but when the have ruffles... i get sucked in every time.


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