Monday, April 16, 2012

Damn You Stress

Today was one of many RE appointments to see how the cycle was going. 
Each cycle my body seems to really take it's time,
slow and steady is what the nurse's love to call me. 
Today I finally had a follicle big enough, of course though I only have one.
I know one follicle is all I need, but I was really hoping with the increase in 
meds I would have at least 2 follicles. 

My nurse was a little surprised I only had 1 follicle as last month
I had 2 and all I was taking was Clomid. 
My response was "I was far less stressed last month".
She said that's probably why I only had one.
I've heard a million times how stress can effect infertility. 
I guess I didn't realize just how much of an effect it can make. 
I am TERRIBLE at staying calm.
I get worked up over the smallest, dumbest stuff. 
Not to mention last week I had a full on anxiety attack one night. 

I told Travis for the next 2 weeks I am checking out. 
I'm not dealing with anything. 
I need to stay as stress free as possible.
If only I could pause life around me for those two weeks. 
God, please grant me patience the next 16 days. 


  1. Just now saw this. Ugh. Sorry you only have one, but praying this one is all you need.

    Isn't it crazy how stress affects fertility, but infertility causes stress? And if one more person says, "just relax and it will happen" I will SCREAM!!!

  2. hoping that the one little one is it! I know that the waiting and the not knowing is the WORST!! GL!

  3. Hugs!!! 2ww totally stinks!

    Here's to hoping the next two weeks flies by in the blink of an eye...


  4. Ugh, how frustrating! Sounds like you do need to check out. So, here's to hoping you have a stress free, lighthearted next couple of weeks full of joy and happiness that leads to a wonderful outcome. :) Stay hopeful!

  5. Babe dont stress, Remember... GOD's got it. All the things that are running through your mind on what needs to get done, bills etc. Gods got it. He has you covered. Just trust in HIM! and trust that He WILL take care of it. Because HE WILL! it even says so in the bible. LOVE YOU FRIEND! So here is to Cocktails and sleep for the next two weeks. OH AND LOTS OF HAPPY SEX! yay!


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