Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Weekly Randoms

I've decided I'm just going to do a weekly randoms post,
since I rarely have enough material for full blog posts. 
On to this weeks randoms...

1. Most exciting of all, my sister and BIL closed on their first house today! 
I am beyond thrilled for them.
I cannot wait to go out there in a few months to see the house. 
So proud of you Sista'!

2. I've finally started to make some friends out here.
I will say, people here in Texas are pretty darn friendly.
It has been so nice to have girlfriends to go grab lunch with or go shopping. 
I am really thankful to be meeting some really great people,
and it's not only nice for me to get to hang with them, but for Travis and 
their husbands to get along so we can all go out together. 

3. I went to lunch today with one of said girlfriends.
The weather was lovely so we decided to sit on the patio.
I wasn't quite prepared for the intense sun.
I got home looking like this...

Note to self, slather on sunscreen next time. This is not a good look.

4. We spent Easter at home watching The Masters.
I have to admit, I got pretty into on the final day.
I was really rooting for Bubba Watson. I was so happy he won! 
I'm not exactly sure what has happened to me that I'm enjoying watching golf. 

5. Injectables are making me CRAAAAZY.
Holy wow.
I don't even know what to say. This shiz is intense. 
God help us and our marriage if pregnancy hormones are anything like this. 

6. Saw the new Pioneer Woman cookbook today.
It's on my must buy soon list.
I was drooling flipping the pages.
Pretty sure she is my hero! 


  1. Ouch! That sunburn looks painful :( I'm sorry the injectables are making you crazy. I hope your cycle is going well, by the way!

  2. Ouchie! Be careful out there in that sun. I think the IF meds can make you more susceptible to burning...lots and lots of sunscreen. :) Good luck this month!


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