Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dear Me,

A little note to myself for the future.

Dear Jenn,
The grass isn't always greener. 
Next time you get the idea to pack up and move away from your family 
and friends for the life you dream of, don't do it.
While your family and friends will offer you fantastic support while you are gone,
it will never compare to being able to spend time with them and allowing yourself
to be embraced with love and hugs on your worst days. 
The lifestyle you dreamed of and moved away for won't compare to spending 
holidays and birthday and Sunday afternoons with loved one's.

Things aren't always as they seem.
Just because a place seems it will offer you more opportunities, doesn't mean it will.
You may find yourself alone all the time while Travis is working.
Just because everyone says there are plenty of job opportunities where you are headed,
doesn't mean there will be any waiting for you. Even if your SIL who has no previous
job experience and a ridiculous college degree gets a good paying job.
You may be left returning to a job you hate just to pay your bills.

You may one day look back and realize the happiness you long for
was right there in front of you.
And that things weren't really that bad.
The life you dream of will happen one day.
Not when you want it to happen,
and probably not the way you thought it would happen.
But one day you will look around and realize that being close to family
and friends is what life is really all about.
Not a house, a car, or any materialistic thing.
So stop trying to chase the life you imagine having and start enjoying the one you have.
And find a way to get your ass back to California as soon as you can.



  1. I think I could have written this myself several times through the years, and even now at times! Being an adult is hard, man!

    Hurry home now. ;) We miss you!

  2. This was absolutely beautiful! thanks for posting such a nice blog <3

    I'm new to blogger, so just coasting around - meeting new friends, thought i'd say hellO!


  3. agreed on getting your ass back to California. LOVE YOU!


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