Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bah Humbug

I cannot believe Christmas is only 2 days away.
December has just flown by.
Hell, 2011 has flown by. 

This is the first year EVER that I'm just not into Christmas.
And if you know me, you know that's just insane. 
I LOVE Christmas.
I don't know if it's because it's our first year away from my family.
Or because we aren't doing gifts this year. 
Or because of all the stress we have been under.
Or because I was just certain last Christmas that by this Christmas
I would at least be pregnant, if not have a baby. 
 I actually think it's a combination of all of those.

I'm trying really hard to get in the spirit. 
But all the music, holiday cheer and lights just aren't doing it. 
I did get a fantastic present in the mail last week from a certain someone,
and it put the biggest smile on my face.
While Christmas is not about getting presents,
it made me happy to know I have a great and caring friend out there.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas! 
May you spend the day with loved one's 
and remember the true meaning of this wonderful day. 

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