Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Most Favoritest Month of the Year

I absolutly, positively LOVE December. I love everything about the month, especially Christmas. I love the cool, crisp air. I love the smell of Christmas, the cinnamon pinecones and Christmas tree's. The decorations are amazing. For the most part people are in a great mood. I love driving around looking at houses all decorated while listening to Christmas music and drinking hot cocoa. There is just something about little while lights EVERYWHERE that makes me so happy. I listen to Christmas music all year long, but in December it is acceptable.

This Christmas will be a little different for T and I. We are both so broke right now, and with him moving into our new apartment just 10 days before Christmas, and our wedding 5 weeks after Christmas, we have no money for gifts. Although, T has already given me the best gift this year, he asked me to marry him! I know this Christmas is going to be just as awesome, if not even better than all the previous one's. T will be in our apartment at Christmas, and I fully plan on decorating, even if it is just him enjoying it! I can't wait to spend our first Christmas together and start our own traditions! Only 24 days and counting..

*This was my tree a few years ago when I lived on my own. I had to cut the top of the tree because it was bent on the ceiling!

*T and I a few years ago in Texas just after Christmas

*Now this is a Christmas tree

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