Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm Gonna Be In BIG Trouble

I have mentioned it before; I tend to buy things I don't necessarily need right now just because they are an amazing deal. I will buy said item if I know at some point down the road (at least within 1-2 years) it will be handy and I know I am saving a crap load of money. So, today I was wondering around and stumbled into a second hand children's store. I was looking around, and there it was, staring at me. The Svan Bouncer, an modern baby bouncer (although it doesn't really bounce) used by several celebrities! I had to have it. My extensive baby gear research kicked in and I knew how much this thing was, at least $100 brand new. Since I had seen other products in the store that retailed for roughly the same price but were priced at $50+ bucks I didn't think much at first. But I picked it up to realize it was still in great condition, and the fabric part snaps off, so all I had to do was purchase a new fabric piece. Then I saw the price tag... $15! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? I knew right then, I REALLYhad to have this thing!

I got home with my new purchase (which at this moment T still doesn't know about, oops!) and did some more research. Sure enough, it retails for $120! The fabric that came with it is in good condition, but I would like to eventually buy a new fabric piece in the brown/orange combo they make. The fabric piece brand new is $45..not too bad! So, when you think about it, I really saved us $60, which in my book is a good deal!

I'm pretty sure T is not going to be too thrilled by this purchase since we have A LOT of other things the money could have gone towards, but for $15 I would have kicked myself later had I not bought it!

P.S. I do have some self control.A few weeks ago I found a crib I loved, and it was on Thanksgiving clearance for only $63!! And I didn't buy it. The real reason I didn't buy it thought was because I had nowhere to store it until we need it. But I still used self control, because trust me, I was trying to think of places to store it in the meantime...Grandma's house, my parents house, a storage unit. It took ALL of me not to buy it. And since this post is all about babies, no I am not pregnant, and probably won't be for at least 10 more months (6 months if I have any say in it!)

Here are some pictures of it!

This is the fabric colors I bought it with
*Picture from Petit Tresor

This is the fabric I would like to eventually get
*Picture from

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