Thursday, December 31, 2009


I cannot believe the year is over. This past year went by so fast, and so many amazing things happened in 2009! I got enaged ,my sister got married, my cousin got married, my other cousin had her second little girl, my best friend found out she was pregnant..and then found out she is having a girl(who I cannot wait to spoil), T got a promotion at work, T & I got our "first place"! It was a busy year. But I am really looking foward to 2010.

My sisters wedding

The proposal site

T and I are getting married, and what better way to start off the year?! Then right after our wedding we get so spend 7 amazing days on our honeymoon. We are both really looking forward to spending those days together, just the two of us with no work, no phones and no internet!

We get to spend one glorious day here in February

I am hoping that 2010 will bring two other fun aspects to our life. T and I are hoping to get a transfer at his work approved so we can move out of California. I have talked about this a lot on the blog and my insecurities, but I think I just need to bite the bullet and do it. I worry that fear is starting to run my life, and I just need to face my fears. God willing the transfer will get approved and we will be on our way. I am really looking foward to this opportunity and what this new adventure will bring to our lives and marriage. And it won't be forever, we can always come home. I just feel like this is something I need to do or I will forever regret it.

Secondly, I am hoping by the end of 2010 T and I will be trying to have a baby! Obvisouly we will need to see where we are at financially and in our marriage, but I am really praying that we will be in a position to make it happen.

I have a few resolutions for the new year, and hopefully writing them down will help me to keep them, and my friends can hold me accountable! Here they are...

1)Get in better shape and lose some weight. This is important not only for health reasons, but I want to be healthy and a good starting weight when we start trying to have a baby.

2)Find a "home" church for T and I. It is really important to me that we find a church where we feel at home and can really grow in our walk and create frienships with other believers.

3)Pay down my debt. I have a lot of debt and I want to start paying it down now so we can eventually buy a house.

4)Chill. I tend to be a very high strung person and I don't know how to just sit back, relax and go with the flow. I am going to work on this, or else I may have a heart attack by my 27th birthday.

Happy New Year everyone! Here is to 2010 and all that God will bless us with.

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