Friday, January 8, 2010

I Wish I May..

..become a blogging master/crafter extrordinare/product tester/source of information! Who say's you can't dream big? In all seriousness though, I would LOVE to have a blogs worth of cool stuff. I read about 1 bizillion blogs (that's just a rough estimate) and I have questions. How on earth did you get so many people to read your blogs that you make money by simply writing your thoughts down? How on earth are you so darn creative? How do I get companies to send me their stuff so I can test it out and write a review. I want that job. Seriously.

So if anyone out there in blog land has any suggestions for me, pretty please send them my way. Deep down inside I know there is a blogger/tester/crafter deep down inside, just waiting to be set free! I mean really people, have you never seen the baby showers I plan? Or how about you can ask me about any product at babiesrus and I can tell you more than you ever wanted to know about said product.

There has to be SOMETHING out there for me, right?

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