Monday, August 31, 2009


Today was my first day of wedding related activities! My mom, sister and I went to the location I was hoping to get married at. I worked there years ago, and my first time there I knew I had to get married there one day. However, it has always been a pretty pricey place, so I always figured it just woudln't happen. The other day I checked out their website and they were offering a discount on weddings in January. Great, so January it was. However, they also have head count minimums based on what day of the week it is, and because we are having such a small wedding I decided to get married on a Thursday night. So then when we went in today to talk to them, because they are doing construction on another area of the property, they are not only offering a discount but they have done away with minimums. So, I can get married on a Saturday night for a discounted price..and in the room I want! So, January 30, 2010 I will be getting married at a local winery! I am so excited.

If that wasn't enough to make my day, after going to the winery we decided to go to a local bridal salon. They were having a big sale, 50% off select gowns, and the sale ended today. I am always up for a good bargain, so I figured we had to at least check it out. There were only about 30 dresses that were for sale, however, it was my lucky day because I found my dress!!! I got my dress for less than $500 including tax! I was THRILLED!

I hope all wedding planning goes this easily! Next up is putting down the deposit and securing my date. And then sending out save-the-dates! The crafting has already begun. And since my sister and I are yet again doing all the centerpieces, I need to start figuring out what I want. Ahhhh..I cannot believe this is real!

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