Friday, September 4, 2009


As you probably noticed I have changed my blog for the zillionth time. However, this time it is different. My blog now reflects my wedding! I should explain further, my colors are deep red and black with accents of black and white damask. I know everybody does damask, as it is so popular right now, but I just can't help myself! I love it.

My sister and I are in the process of trying to design save-the-dates and my invitations. Since we are making everything ourselves, I want to make sure I am on top of things and give ourselves enough time to get everything done without having to stress.

I will continue to update my blog about all my wedding projects! I have this huge itch to go out and buy something for our future home. Nothing big, just a little something. But considering I have buckets of stuff I have been purchasing over the years, I really should hold back. I keep trying to tell myself to just wait until after the wedding, and we will have plenty of time to buy things. Plus, I should wait to see if we are lucky enough to get some gifts from our friends. Geez, I can only imagine how bad I am going to be when I find out I am pregnant. I won't even need a shower, I'm going to buy everything the day I find out! hahaha

Here are some inspiration pictures for our wedding..

I think these are simply stunning

There will be candles, lots and lots of candles

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  1. I'm with you on the damask, its so pretty and elegant! Olivia's stroller and carrier are black and white damask and so those burp cloths you sent me match perfectly!!! Thanks for those! I actually need to order some more from you for a gift for my friends baby girl that is due soon but I'll send you a message on facebook about that more later!
    <3 Krysten


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