Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas 2008

My Christmas recap is slightly late, but really, who cares?! Christmas this year was overall pretty good. It was a strange Christmas, as this was our first Christmas since my Grandpa has passed away. There was an overwhelming feeling of akwardness in the absense of his presence. Christmas just didn't feel right without him there.

Grandma & Mr. Jones

I don't know exactly why, but Christmas just didn't feel like Christmas this year. It felt like just another day of getting together with my family. My cousin Kim and her hubby Mario drove out with Kayla from Arizona for the day. It was nice to see them, especially Kayla since I haven't seen her in 5 months. Last time I saw her she couldn't even stand, and now you can't stop her from running all over the house.

Miss Kayla

My cousin Bryan and his fiance Meghan were there. It was nice to hear about their wedding plans. Our friends Jessika and Kayleigh also come over, and it was really nice to have them there. They pretty much are family, and it just felt natural that they were there.

Jessika & Kayleigh

I am happy to say that Christmas is over. This year created quite a bit of stress in my relationship with Travis, as I was pretty upset he was gone. I am looking forward to next Christmas!By next Christmas Buggy & Adam will be married, Bryan & Meghan will be married, and Kim & Mario will have welcomed their second daughter! Hopefully I have something big happen this year too! Who knows, maybe I will have to wait and 2010 will be my year!!

My Dad

My Lovely Sis'

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