Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Obsession

Most anyone who knows me knows that I cannot wait to have children. Seriously. I ask Travis every day if today is the day we can start having kids. Not only am I dying to have children, but I have an obsession of all things baby related. I research and know just about every baby product out on the market. I enjoy seeing what is new, what is worth the money and what is a waste. When I was a nanny it was a great experience to see what I/the kids really needed, and what was a total waste of money. Since I am acquiring a huge collection of "must haves" when Travis and I do have children, I thought I would share several of those things with everyone. It doesn't hurt that I have several friends who are pregnant. And when I say several, as of today I know 12 pregnant women, and 2 who have just given birth in the past 3 weeks. Enjoy!

I love all things Etsy!

Cutest bumbo cover of all time! Etsy seller BoutiqueSweetCheeks

Who doesn't want a custom boppy cover? Especially one that is cheaper than they sell in stores?! Etsy seller melshort9

This has to be the cutest hat EVER. Seriously. Etsy seller citefuzz

I am LUSTING after this diaper bag! I feel that $350 is completely worth every single penny!

I just think this is the cutest bouncer of all time! Not too babyish.

If you are having a girl, I saw this bedding at the Marshalls in Temecula for $59 this weekend. It normally retails for $169 at BabiesRUs. Great deal!

That is all for now! I am sure I will have plenty of more finds to share with you before Travis and I ever have kids! Congrats to all my friends out there that are having babies. I am so glad I have your kids to spoil rotten!

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  1. Ohhhh me to. Ok I have to have the Hat, oh and the bumbo cover. Gosh I wish I knew what I was having.

    I can't wait until you have kids. I think I should start aquiring stuff now.!!!


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