Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy (late) Birthday Travis

Travis turned 26 a week ago today, but I wasn't able to celebrate his birthday with him until yesterday. Travis drove up to my parents house to spend the day with me. We have a lovely afternoon hanging out and playing the most ridiculous game ever at Rubios! Seriously, it took us 20 minutes to play the game that comes with the childrens meal! There is no way any kid I know has the patience to play that game.

Anyways, after that we went to my Grandma's house for his "party"! The party consisted of Travis, Grandma, my parents, Buggy and Adam, and myself. It was, of course, a cowboy themed party. We had cowboy boots and hats streamers, balloons, wild west plates and tablecloth, and everyone had to wear a sheriff's badge. My mom made Travis his favorite enchiladas. And for dessert, since he hates cake, he had some rainbow shebret ice cream with a candle in it!

I would like to think Travis had a fabulous birthday! I have decided to give him the gift of me not bitching at him any longer. I tend to nag him, quite often. I have recently realized the affects of my constant nagging, and I realized that it really just doesn't do us any good, individually or as a couple. Hopefully this will be the best gift I have ever given him.

I love you so much Travis and I hope you had a wonderful birthday! I am looking foward to many more birthday's to come!

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  1. Ok, How the hell do you not like Cake? Is that a Texan thing again.

    Well I hope the Cowboy party was a blast, it sounds like it. We should do that for your birthday. Cowgirl up YEAH HAW!!

    Love you friend.


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