Sunday, February 12, 2012


Monday we returned from a lovely 10 day vacation in California.
It really was one of the best vacations we have had in a while. 
Being able to spend time with family and friends was just what we both needed.

Travis spent the first four days in Las Vegas with my Dad playing in a golf tournament.
While he was in Vegas I got to spend time with my sister and mom which was fantastic.

{My sis}
The second day we were there I got to see the girls!
I'm doing a separate post about their birthday and getting to see them.

There were lots of babies I got to play with on vacation, which was bliss! 
I met friends I haven't seen since high school for lunch and meet their new baby boys Troy and Donovan.
My cousin Kimmers (that's what I call her) drove down with her SIL 
so I could meet their new baby boys Isaac and Dylan! 
My sister's best friend who lives in Arizona happened to be in So Cal 
and drove out so I could meet her 5 week old baby girl Harper.

{Me with Miss Harper. Ignore the fact that I look like an exhausted new parent, even though I'm not!}
Travis and I spent our days relaxing, enjoying the sunshine and warm weather,
drinking wine, celebrating our wedding anniversary and 
realizing how badly we love and miss our family and friends and want to move back to California! 

 {Wine tasting}


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