Sunday, February 26, 2012

How It's Going

I thought I would do a little update on how we are adjusting to life in Texas
and just an overall update on life at this moment.
The area we live in is in North Dallas, and we absolutely love it here. 
Everything I need or want is within 1 mile of our place. 
The only time I really have to leave our city is to go to our RE. 
It really does feel like we live in Orange County, 
just with much nicer people and a lot more spread out. 

Back in December I started working at a baby store. 
(I know, an infertile working at a baby store seems insane, but it doesn't get to me)
I thought it would be temporary while I looked for a more legit job.
Especially because the pay is crap. 
But, as time has gone by I have actually started to really enjoy my job.
I have always been obsessed with baby gear, 
so this is the perfect job as I get to play with it all day long!
After a lot of thinking I decided to stay at this job for the time being.
For the first time ever I actually really love my job.
Also, they are going to be extremely flexible with me needing time off for Dr. appointments.
Plus my job is about 10 minutes away from the RE's office. Perfect. 

As for Travis and his job it's a billion times better.
Two days before we left our California vacation to come back here
we found out he was being transferred to another store. 
Well his new store and general manager is amazing!
He is no longer working 10-13 hour days. 
It's been so nice for our relationship that he isn't stressed out and at his whits end every day 
after getting bitched at all day at work for no reason. 
He was also offered another promotion,
but yet again it was in B.F.E and we just couldn't accept it. 
There wasn't an RE within 100 miles of where we would be moving.
Not gonna happen. 
We are praying that he is offered another promotion here soon.

And then there is all the fun infertility crap.
Every day that passes I want more and more to be a mom. 
Travis wants so badly to be a dad.
We have to do one more cycle of just Clomid before our insurance will cover
injectible medication, so that's up first.
We are going to talk to our RE about IVF.
Even though it isn't covered by insurance, I don't know how many 
cycles of IUI I want to put ourselves through only to possibly end up having to try IVF.
Like I said, we are going to talk to our RE about all if it much more in detail. 

So, that's life right now. 
It is getting better every day and we are settling in to live here in Texas.

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