Friday, September 2, 2011

Hey Y'all

 We finally made it to Texas.
It was just a short little 28 hour drive. 
We had a few mishaps along the way, which included pulling over in Arizona 
to unload the entire trailer and repack it.
In 108 degree weather.
But it helped immensely in the long run.
And it was a million times safer after we did that.
But it still sucked balls.

Anyways, we are finally here.
I am still in shock that this actually happened.
Saying goodbye to my family was worse than I thought it was going to be.
I haven't cried that hard since my Grandpa passed away a few years ago.
My mom was a complete mess, full on hyperventilating sobbing.
My sister refused to cry in front of me, yet I still lost my mind as I hugged her goodbye.
My dad tried to keep it together, but he cried too.
I guess we are a family of hot messes.

So now the real fun begins.
We are staying with my in law's for the next 13 days 
until we can move into our new place.
I am FREAKING out about finding a job and have applied to every single place I can think of.
The stress of not having any income is really getting to me.

Oh, and since we are a one income family right now,
it would only make sense that the trailer we rented for the move wasn't big enough for all our stuff.
So we had to get rid of tons of stuff.
I realize it's just stuff, but now we have to buy all new things.
Normally I would be super excited about that, 
but not right now with me not working. 
(*note to self: don't let travis be the judge of how much will fit in uhaul next time we move)
So the very little amount of money I had set aside for decorating,
will now be going to purchasing all new stuff that I had just days ago.
At least shopping will keep me busy and out of this house!

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  1. I think I'm gonna come visit. That way we can make fun of things together. Glad you made it safe friend.


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