Monday, September 12, 2011

Randoms. Volume 4

This post is just a bunch of randoms. 

1.The weather here in Texas is mother flippin' HOT!
Last week was pretty nice and cool, but this week it's back in the 100's. 

2. I bought some fall scented candles the other day, and a fall smelly for my car.
They are divine.
Get yourself from Bath & Body stat.

3. The  job hunt out here sucks.
I've sent out at least 40 resumes, and I'm not having much luck. 
This is a great economy to be fresh out of college and looking for a job. 

4. I went to a ladies dinner thingy with my mother-in-law at her church tonight.
The food was terrible.
But the message was just what I needed these days. 

5. Not only does not working such because we need the income,
but every time I go to the store and buy something I feel guilty.
I never thought I would feel this way, I always assumed I would be thrilled to spend Trav's money,
but I hate knowing I'm not contributing to our family in any way right now.

6. I miss my family.
I miss the girls. 
Every day I think about what we would be doing at that exact time. 
Who's dumbass idea was it to move out here?


  1. They miss you too!

    Once you get a job, I'll come out and we'll go on a shopping spree!

  2. O.K. The one thing that Texas has on CA is Mexican food. Go, fast, and get yourself some good and greasy mexican and wash it down with a margarita!!! Moving is hard. Sorry your so down. Hopefully you'll get a job soon. I'll be praying for ya.


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