Sunday, September 18, 2011

We're In

We are finally in our own place and out of my inlaw's house!
Friday my mother in law and I painted.
Yesterday we moved everything in.
I never want to move again..except back to California.

Our new place isn't super big, but it's bigger than our last one.
If you can believe this, our first apartment was 542 sq. ft.
Ya, it's no wonder we nearly killed each other every day.
This place, while still not "big", is much bigger for us, at a whopping 840 sq. ft.
I have a beautiful kitchen.
Complete with granite counter tops and beautiful glass sconces hanging over my kitchen island.
It's like a dream.

Maybe once all the boxes get put away I will take some pictures.
Because I'm sure you are just dying to see the place.
*there really needs to be a sarcastic font*

But we are home. 
At least what will be home for the next year.
And fingers crossed we have to move into something bigger next year 
because there is a baby joining our family.
One can only  hope.

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