Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Things Are Changing

Things are certainly changing in our lives right now.
Travis started at his new store, and the hours are much longer.
He is hating it. 
He loved his last store. He loved his employees. He loved his GM.

I was offered a part time position at a retail store (I'm still looking for a "real" job)
and it pay's a whopping $9.50 an hour. 
All my paychecks combined would hardly cover my car payment, 
let alone the rest of the giant stack of bills.
I guess when the cost of living is much lower, companies don't have to pay as well.
This has been really hard for me to handle. 
The fact that I'm paying $40,000+ in student loans,
and can only get a job that will pay me $9 bucks an hour. Seriously?!?!

I have sent out at least 40 resumes. 
Times are desperate. And so I am.
I've starting applying for jobs I would have never considered before.
Positions I don't really want, but that pay better than $9/hour
and would allow us to pay off our debt, which was a huge reason for moving in the first place.
We, (like idiots) assumed this would be our chance to catch up financially
and put us in the position that when we do have a child (and you know how well that's going)
we could afford for me to stay home and not have all this debt.
Guess we were wrong.
At least for now. 

I'm praying and praying with every ounce of my being 
that a "real" job will come along soon. 
One that will at least pay what I was making in California.
And now I must go send out more resumes....

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  1. Jen I really hope you find something worthy of you soon. Wishing you a lot of luck, you sound so unhappy. =(


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