Sunday, June 12, 2011

Moving...One of These Days

We should be moving in about 7 weeks.
However, we still don't have an actual moving date.
Nor do we know what town T will be working in.

It's rather difficult to plan a move when you don't know when you are moving.
It's even harder to look for a place to live when you don't know where you are moving.
We have several town's we like, but until we know where he is working,
we can't decide which area we will settle down in. 
Especially since our top towns are on completely opposite ends of the metroplex.
I would hate to pick an area, and then have T commuting 45+min. a day.

So here we sit. 
Hoping and waiting to hear something. 
It's infuriating to be making such a huge move and have no control over any of it at this point. 
Not to mention, I'm stressed about every single factor about moving.
And I don't deal well with stress.

If I'm not blogging much, not that I ever did, just know that between
the stress of moving and trying to get pregnant, I have very few nice things to say.
For once I will try to keep the bitching and moaning to a minimum. 

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