Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Spy With My Little Eye...

A freakin' awesome bargain! I love nothing more than going shopping and finding an amazing deal. Some people get a high from shopping, shoes, jewelery, high end clothes, whatever it may be. I get a high from scoring a great deal! Nothing makes me happier than seeing the word clearance. I get the biggest smile on my face when I look at my reciept and the savings are more than what I spent!

That being said, check out my find tonight at Target! I found this on some random end-cap of bibs just laying there, half covered in other items. The Target by me doesn't have very organized clearance sections, so you really have to search. I was just walking by and saw this laying there, then I noticed the famous Target clearance red tag on it. I assumed it was on clearance for $30 since there were NO good deals today. Then I picked it up and discovered it was a Peanut Shell sling that's regularly $39.99 marked down to $10.09!Who could resist the $29 discount? Not I. I had to have it. Even better, it fits perfectly. Time to add this to my box of baby stuff! Hahaha. Sometimes I think I may be out of control, but then I just think of all the money I am saving, and I don't feel bad for one second.


  1. And the peanut shells ARE AWESOME!!! i might add.

  2. What is anyone going to buy you when you have a baby shower!!!!!


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