Monday, March 15, 2010

Friend Makin Monday

I am a total and complete blog stalker, however I have very few actual friends who blog. Therefor most of the blogs I read are people who inspire me one way or another. I am always looking for new blogs to read and I would love to have some people read my blogs! So, this week I am joining Friend Makin' Monday! If you made it over to my blog leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

I am.... finally a wife!

I think.... the guy that lives about us MUST be wearing weight's around his ankles because there is no way anyone can be that loud!

I should... stop dreaming about things and make them a reality

I dream.... of making a house a home, moving out of state, starting a family, and having a job I actually enjoy would be really, really nice

I want.... friendships. I have no friends here in San Diego and I am very lonely, which makes me think it would be the same way out of state, so why not move?

I know... my husband and family love me unconditionally

I don't like.... not being in control of situations and not knowing what the future holds

I smell... jack & coke and the pizza in the oven

I hear.... Ray Romano and Hank Haney on The Haney Project (we watch A LOT of golf in this house)

I fear.... a lot of things. Snakes, eels, the future, the unknown...let's just say I have a lot of anxiety

I usually... have the desire to do something, I just have no idea where to start, so I never do

I search... for answers from everyone but the one who has all the answers

I miss.... hanging out with my sister all the time

I always... procrastinate

I regret.... 2005

I wonder.... when my prayers will be answered and where Travis and I will be in 7 months

I crave.... breaking my routine

I remember... the day my Grandfather passed away vividly and I cherish that last day with him

I need..... to do laundry, clean the kitchen, put away laundry, learn to cook, get to sewing & crafting, finish my Jack & Coke, and figure out what I am doing with my life

I forget.... that you can't expect more from a person that what they are willing to give

I feel.... stressed, bored, anxious and ambitious

I can.... make a difference, I just have to figure out how

I can't.... change people or cook

I am happy.... to be married to the most incredible man

I lose..... my mind several times a day

I sing.... praise songs when I am having an anxiety attack

I listen... to what others have to say, even if I roll my eye's while doing it

I shop..... at Target way too much

I eat.... anything that has no nutritional value

I love..... my husband and family more than they will ever know


  1. hahaha Why do you regret 2005? Wasn't that the year you met me? Or was that O4...You know what kind of dance I am doing right now!

    P.S. Why move out of state, just move up state.

  2. OMG. O. M. G.

    I, too, was listening to the Hank Haney/Ray Romano thing as I typed mine. I swear to God. My father-in-law was watching it in the living room. How weird!!

    And my name is Jen, but that's not such a rare thing with people of our generation, now is it? :-)

    Great to meet you!


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