Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Honeymoon Recap

It's been over a month since our honeymoon and I am just getting around to this! We had a wonderful time on our honeymoon. We went on a Celebrity Cruise to Key West and Grand Cayman. Key West was a really cool little town, not at all what either of us thought it would be. However, I cannot imagine spending more than a few hours there. Grand cayman was amazing. Simply amazing. I feel so blessed that I was able to back there for a second time, even if it was only for a few hours.

Overall our cruise was great. The demographics for the cruise however we were not prepared for: 90% over the age of 65, 6% between 40 to 64, 4% between the ages of birth to 40. So when it came time for the "Newlywed-Not-So-Newlywed" game, there weren't too many options for newlywed's on the ship other than us! We got to play and it was so much fun. However, the couple that was married 46 years was hilarious! One of the questions the men were asked was "you get on the ship and your wife realizes she forgot to pack her bra's, you have to go buy her one, what size do you get?" The man's response was "48G Long". Nobody could stop laughing. Thank God his wife has a great sense of humor.

There are not a lot of pictures from the wonderful event, it seems as though we were rather forgetful. Travis and I both brought our cameras, however we forgot the chargers, so there are a few pics, but not many. Here are some highlights.

Our Ship

I loved the architecture in Key West

The view from our room

Grand Cayman. AMAZING

He wasn't messin' around

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