Thursday, May 3, 2012


* I first have to say thank you all for the kind comments and emails I have received. 
I really do appreciate each and every one. 
What is sad is that so many of you know the exact pain we are feeling. 
I just hate that.

* Travis was in our room making business calls tonight,
I walked in to find him like this.
This is how we do business around our house.


* We were planning on heading out to California at the beginning of June to visit my family.
Travis put in a request for vacation time at work, and when he went to finalize it 
yesterday discovered his GM have himself that time off. In the past 24 hours we have
had to completely re-schedule everything. It's been chaos!
But, it's all done now and our trip is booked. 
* I got a little package in the mail today from Erin Condren.
I have to say, I just adore her stuff.
But good heavens is it expensive. And I'm not 100% certain it's totally worth the price.
Hopefully the new planners for next year will have the month tabs laminated.
* Sunday night we went out to dinner with some new friends we've made.
It was so nice to get out with another couple.
The last time we went out with another couple was almost a year ago with
Kim and Keith and the girls. 
It is so nice to have friends Travis and I are both get along with and
can go out and talk for hours and enjoy their company.
Coincidentally, our new friends also used our infertility Dr,
and they are currently 20 weeks pregnant, and we are just thrilled for them.
And they are moving close to us in the next few weeks! We can't wait. 

* We are taking this month off from trying to get pregnant.
It was a bit of a last minute decision.
I don't handle stress very well, and I know how big of an impact it can take on my body.
Well, this past week I've been insanely overwhelmed.
Yesterday I made Travis drive me to CVS so I could test my blood pressure because
I was sure I was on the verge of a heart attack.
I'm taking this month to work on managing my stress and eliminating
as many extra stress factors as I can.

* I posted this a while ago on Instagram, but never here.
In case you need an idea of just how bad my baby shopping addiction is,
here is the proof.

* We stopped by Best Buy a week ago and I discovered this nice giant tv.
Aside from in real life, this is the only way to see Justin Timberlake.
This picture does not do the size of the tv justice. 
Let's just say Travis had to drag me out of Best Buy because I did not want to leave.


  1. I found you through Kelly's Korner. :) LOVE your blog. I seriously think I have a {kids} clothing shopping addiction as well. I may just need help. ha!

  2. I'm stopping by from Kelly's Korner, I'm in DFW too. I can totally sympathize with your baby clothes buying, my husband and I went through infertility for over three years before we got pregnant, and I'm pretty sure I had a larger collection than you have! ;) Love me some Erin Condren goodies, fun!!

  3. Stopping over from Kelly's Korner. You are hilarious! And even from the top row of the AAC in Dallas - Justin Timberlake is well worth it. Sigh.

  4. Stopping by from Kelly's Korner. I'm in the DFW area too. I totally understand frustrations and feelings with infertility. My husband and I went through 2 years of infertility.

  5. hahahaha damn I miss you. When are you going to be in SD? any chance around the 16th?


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