Thursday, May 10, 2012

Weekly Randoms

* We are really bad around here and eat out all the time. 
But I'm trying to get better about cooking dinners.
This was on the menu Tuesday night.
It was so damn good. And so damn easy.
Sauteed chicken breast, homemade pico de gallo and sliced avocado. 

* In August we are taking my first trip down to Austin for a weekend. 
I have never been and I'm pretty excited. 
Especially because the main reason for the trip is for a little photo shoot I booked
with the amazingly talented Lyndsay at Life In Motion photography.
She had posted on Facebook the other day she only had 2 spots left for
a love light session, and after that she would be taking at least a year off. 
I have always wanted to have a session with her. 
I knew this was our chance. 
It's booked.
 Now I need to find a fantastic outfit! 

* Since we are taking some time off of infertility treatments I'm really working
on controlling my stress and anxiety. 
This week I bought some Clary Sage essential oil. 
It's supposed to be good for depression, anxiety and uterine health.
I figured I have nothing to lose, might as well give it a try. 
I also treated myself to a massage yesterday.
It was one of the best massages I have ever had. 
I love a good massage. LOVE.

* This is super random, but the birds here in Texas are flippin' insane.
I swear to you. I have never seen such lazy, psycho birds in my whole life.
I cannot tell you how many birds I have seen run over because 
they refuse to get out of the way as cars are on the road.
I see at least 2-3 a day. 
Let's also include the number of birds that straight up dive bomb my windows.
Freaks me the heck out. 

* I've had a few people comment about how my job sounds like so much fun.
Don't get me wrong, it certainly has it's fun moments, but on the
weekdays when we are slow most my time is spent dealing with customer issues
and dusting all the furniture. And we have A LOT of furniture. 
I often hang my head in shame that my college degree 
got me a job dusting furniture. Good times.

* We are getting rid of cable in a few weeks,
and I'm most excited because I won't have to watch endless hours of golf! 

* I really, really miss this. 


  1. OMG, Keith would NEVER get rid of cable!!

  2. Where did you get you massage? I am always looking for a good place!
    Y'all will love Austin! It is so different from Dallas!! Let me know if you need ideas of where to explore

  3. Need the recipe for that yummy looking chicken! Whatever outfit you decide on for your photo shoot, dress cool! Austin is just as bad as Dallas in August. :) You will love it in the Hill Country. It's really pretty and very laid back. Glad to see you're taking care of yourself. Let's get together in a couple of weeks when my insane school year ends!


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