Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My weekly bunch of randoms. 

* Travis and I were off together yesterday and discovered the most 
amazing furniture store. It's where all the local designers go, but it's open to the public.
I about died when we walked in. There was not a single piece in the entire store 
I didn't want to take home with us. Rarely do I find pieces I love, but I wasn't 
able to find a piece I didn't like! Now, I just need a house and enormous raise for all my finds.

* I adore the Aveda store. Like, I could spend hours in there.
I went in last week to check out some stuff and found these two items.
I now cannot live without either.
The first is a balancing body mist. It's supposed to balance your chakra's.
This stuff smells incredible. It has essential oils that are great for de-stressing.
The second pic is blue oil. You rub it on the back of your neck or wrists
and take some nice deep breaths. I have been using this bad boy a lot. 
It really does help calm me down. And it tingles on the back of your neck.
I love them both. I highly recommend both! 

* The weather is getting hot here in Dallas. I'm not loving it. 
I do enjoy the warm evenings and the sun not setting until 8:30,
but other than that, I can really do without the 90 degree days. 

* The Mexican food here in Texas sucks. Anyone who tries to tell you differently
is full of crap. We did find one place super close to us that is good. Not great,
but good. The best part is I can modify something they make to create a California burrito. 
These bad boys are my weakness. I crave them.
The servers all think I am insane every time I order it, but I don't care! 

And for those that don't know what a California burrito is:
carne asada, cheese, pico de gallo and french fries.
aka heaven in a tortilla

* We just got this bag in at my job last week.
I immediately picked it up and started carrying it around. I'm dying to buy it.
It's technically a diaper bag, but I want it for a purse. 
I'm sure it makes an awesome diaper bag as it has about 1 billion pockets.
The inside is bright red.
Maybe it will makes it way to me for my birthday! 

Hope y'all have a great week!


  1. Please tell me the name of the furniture store?? I am always looking for a good place to shop!
    I will try not to take offense to your Mexican food comment since you are not from TX! ;) It’s TexMex and obviously different from other states but we here think it’s pretty damn good.

  2. I totally need to pick up some of that oil de-stesser stuff...I wonder if it works better if I dump the whole thing on lol. That California burrito looks sooo gooood!!! And I totally dig that bag :)


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