Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Vista

Like I said in a previous post, I am going to start 
highlighting some of my favorite baby products I get to play with all day at work. 
These are just my thoughts and opinions. 
I was in no way asked to do these. 
I'm just obsessed and thought I would share my insight. 

My first favorite is the...

{Don't get me started on how I adore this color}

I absolutely, positively love this stroller.
I honestly don't think there is a single thing I don't like.
I take that back, the price tag blows. 
But I do think it is worth every last dollar. It's just a lot of dollar bills. 
If you want one, I suggest finding a 2011 still available. 
The $200+ discount makes this thing even more worth the price. 
I have heard very few negative things about this stroller. 
We have had one customer say she had an issue, and we were able to fix it for her.
I call that a success! 

I love that you can turn it into a travel system.
Seen above is my infant car seat of choice, the Cybex Aton. 
The adapters snap in insanely easily, and just plop the car seat on the adapters. 
Plus, the Aton adapters aren't huge, just two little posts. 

The fact that the stroller comes with the bassinet makes it even better.
Many people claim they won't use it, but for walks around the 'hood 
and long shopping trips it's a great alternative. 
You can also buy a wood stand to use in your house, 
so now you don't have to buy another bassinet for your bedroom.
And the inside of the bassinet is organic. 
Oh, and the canopy can fold down, or roll up the back and it is mesh
so you can get some air blowing through. 

The seat is reversible.
Enough said. 
 Baby can face you or the world. 

As if the canopy itself wasn't big enough, you then get this additional canopy
that is SPF 50. The pictures do not justify how big the canopy is. 
This is a great feature for days out at the park, Disneyland, the get the point!

The basket.
For a stroller, it's huge. 
And access isn't even a question. It has to be one of, if not the easiest baskets to access.
That bar you see in the basket, I like it because when you fold the stroller I like 
to use that bar to pick it up. Super duper easy. 

You can fold the stroller with the seat on, but it folds much more compact if you take it off.
I like to take the seat off, fold the stroller and then 
lay the seat back across the top of the frame.
Another aspect of the fold I like is that the stroller stands up,
so if you have an SUV, you can stand it up in the trunk and it take up even less space.


It's hard to tell in this picture but the Vista has a smaller folded 
footprint that the Chicco Cortina. 
And, it's so much easier to lift and throw in the trunk. 

As I said, I absolutely love this stroller. 
I think I sell this stroller more than any other in our store. 
And we have about 50 strollers! 
If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
And if this was the lamest thing you have ever read, 
let me know so I don't continue to embarrass myself by doing more of these. 

p.s. I apologize for the "high quality' iPhone photo's!



  1. This is good stuff! Wish I knew you when I was KU!

  2. Good information, where do you find this stroller, Babies R Us, maybe? Good gift for future grandchild!

  3. You know how much I loved my Vista! I was so sad to see it go!

    Not sure if you know but Jolly Jumper has a rocking bassinet stand that fits the Vista bassinet perfectly and is only $40! We used it and loved it!

  4. even though my kids are way out of strollers, i still weirdly enjoy reading about them. :D

  5. Pam,

    I don't think Babies R Us carries this stroller. They might online. But I know for certain that Amazon and AlbeeBaby both carry it.

  6. Thanks, I'll keep this in mind. Any suggestions on jogging strollers? I have friends who are in the market.


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