Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I've got nothing big to share, so random bits about life it is.

~ Had an RE appointment yesterday. I had 19 follies, none of which were even close
to being big enough to do anything. The biggest I had was 9mm. Boo.
I can't help but have hope every month that God will work a miracle and
I will get pregnant. I'm trying not to lose that hope and faith, but there are some really
tough moments when I just can't help but question why it hasn't happened yet. 
Ugh. It's a daily struggle sometimes to try and stay positive. 

~ Started my child passenger safety certification training today. 
It wasn't what I expected, but I'm really glad I'm taking the class.
However, one of the instructors is the biggest bitch ever. 
She really makes class fun.
(insert sarcasm font)

~ I've really been missing my sister lately.
Her husband and her recently opened escrow on their first house, 
and while I am beyond thrilled for them, I so wish I was there to enjoy
decorating and designing the place with her, and the excitement of buying their first place.
It's moments like this I wish we had never moved.
Miss you Sista'! 

~ Travis got insanely sunburned yesterday.
I didn't know it was possible to be so red. 
He would not be happy if I showed you a picture of his face, 
so here is his forearm. His face and neck are worse. 

~ We are watching Survivor as I type and while I would never 
in a million years go on this show, I would very, very happily love to spend
a day splashing around in the gorgeous crystal blue water surrounding them.

~ I have two "product suggestions" I'm posting later this week. I feel kinda weird doing these. 
Someone commented asking about a jogging stroller, so I'm going to give my opinion on BOB.
I'm also doing one about the new City Mini GT. 
Any other products you want to know about? 

~ I can't believe we have already been here in Texas for 7 months.
Sometimes it feels like just yesterday we moved here.
Other days it feels like it's been an eternity.
Today, with the awesome humidity it felt like forever.
I could really, really do without the humidity. 



  1. Can't believe Travis' sunburn!! I thought he said his legs hurt! ;)

    I'm proud of you & think you are doing really well. Keep plugging, my friend, and call when you are down. Plus, Trader Joe's will be here soon and we will have that.

  2. Holyfuck! His arm! OMG!!!

    7 months? Are you kidding me? Agree that it seems like forever but just yesterday, too. Crazy.

    I;m just gonna throw out there that if you can find a way home in mid-July, I have a Kenny/Tim concert ticket with your name on it..... ;)

    Miss you.

  3. His arm looks so bad! I bet it hurts!

    Can't wait to hear your review about the GT. I'm thinking about skipping the double BOB (b/c let's face it, I will never actually run with that gigantic stroller) and going with the GT for our side by side.

  4. The arm looks ouchie! Poor guy. I have a BOB stroller, and it's great even if you aren't using it for jogging. :) Just used mine in Southlake the other day and it was great! Maybe one day, I will take it out for a jog. Haha.


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